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Healthcare is changing.

Hi, I’m Nicola. I’m a health writer. I create blogs & articles for online and digital healthcare businesses.

Nicola Hasted Health Writer, Digital Pharmacy Writer, Healthy Ageing Writer

Digital health is revolutionising patient experience. It’s disrupting the traditional doctor-patient relationship and is empowering the user with information and choice.

As an online provider of healthcare, you need to know that your content is informative, well-researched and engaging. Not only does it need to bring customers to your site, but it also needs to reassure your visitors that you offer a safe, reliable and professional service. After all, you are a frontline healthcare provider.

As a health writer, my work is about informing, educating and promoting health innovations. I am particularly interested in the role of technology in healthcare, from digital pharmacy to empowering healthy ageing through tech.

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Samples of my work

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Challenges facing 3D Printing in Healthcare

Blog for Medimodel

3D Printing Healthcare Challenges

Should the NHS double its dose for high-risk pregnancies?

Health news for Health Writer’s Hub

Pre-eclampsia Study Sample

Recovering from Tennis Elbow

Blog feature for BodyICE

Web Article on Tennis Elbow

Health Benefits of Dancing

Post from a personal blog

Health Benefits of Dancing by Nicola Hasted Health & Tech Writer

Career Guide for Pharmacists

Feature for Locate a Locum (extract)

Career Guide to Pharmacy by Nicola Hasted Health and Tech Writer

How to protect your laptop from malicious attacks

Blog post for Storm Internet

Laptop Security by Nicola Hasted Health & Tech Writer

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“Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.” – Elizabeth Arden

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Blog series for ‘Locate a Locum’

“Nicola is a very talented writer, with a good eye for detail and article tone. She was easy to communicate with from the start of the project until the end and delivered on time and without fault. Exactly the kind of writer you want to work with!” – Glaze Digital

‘Facebook and Identity’ Blog post

“Nicola was incredible. Her customer service abilities are what makes her the perfect freelancer for your job. She didn’t only carry out the task impeccably within a short amount of time, but she also helped me find a solution to my problem. We communicated throughout the project to make sure it was delivered to high standards. Well, thank you!” – Alessia.

Content for Portfolio Website

“Nicola is an absolutely fantastic content writer whose main concern is the interest of the client – she made a suggestion that actually lowered my time and costs, which was great since I was on a tight budget. The quality of the product was also outstanding and I will be keen to work with her again – can’t recommend her highly enough!” – Sarah F.

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