Press Release for ‘Bump n Baby’ Event

Placenta Love Umbilical Cord Keepsake

I love writing press releases!

The ‘Bump n Baby’ event in Milton Keynes was in need of promoting their free event. Baby specialists from across Milton Keynes were being assembled by Let’s Play MK to offer their services to mums and mums-to-be.

These services include non-mainstream treatments and remedies such as placenta encapsulation and umbilical cord keepsakes by Placenta Love – and that was the hook.

The press release was issued to local publications and sites catering for families, parents and events in Milton Keynes.

Eat your Baby’s Placenta at ‘Bump n Baby’ Event in Milton Keynes

The baby specialists of Milton Keynes are joining forces at a free-to-attend Bump n Baby event to provide mothers and pregnant women with access to alternative and holistic therapies at Medbourne Pavilion on Saturday 10th March between 1pm and 4pm.

Pregnant women will be able to meet and book the services of IPEN certified Placenta Remedies Specialist Alicja from Milton Keynes-based Placenta Love. Following the birth, Alicja will carefully package and transfer the placentas from the hospital ward or homebirth location. The placenta can then processed into an edible format such as encapsulation into a supply of vitamin-style capsules for the mother to consume. Options also include smoothies, skin creams and umbilical cord keepsakes.

The placenta or afterbirth is the organ that provides oxygen and nutrients to a developing foetus and removes waste products via the mother’s blood supply. Eating the nutrient-dense placenta was a commonplace remedy for the rigors of childbirth before the advent of modern medicine and is still practised by some cultures today. Placenta processing via a remedies specialist is the contemporary counterpart to this traditional medicine. It has been discussed and promoted openly most notably by the Kardashian sisters from Keeping Up with the Kardashians TV show.

The event is free to attend and is being organised by Let’s Play MK – a local parent and child event specialist which aims to provide entertainment for parents with children up to the age of eight. The Bump n Baby event will feature other services and holistic treatments for the benefit of mothers and pregnant women such as a pre- and post-natal Pilates practitioner, Sarah Spicer from MK Council’s Real Cloth Nappies, a lactation specialist and a baby-wearing consultant plus representatives from Milton Keynes University Hospital Homebirth Team. Also featured will be a breastfeeding app specifically for Milton Keynes that allows mothers to find and rate breastfeeding-friendly cafes and venues across the city.

Placenta Love has been providing placenta remedies for over three years and is dedicated to helping new mothers heal and recover from childbirth via empowered placenta processing choices. Alicja Wrona, the owner of Placenta Love is a member of the Placenta Remedies Network and can be contacted at or via her page

Let’s Play MK is run by Samantha Syed and aims to follow on where parent and baby groups end. Let’s Play MK organises parties, play sessions and special activities for parents and their young children across Milton Keynes. Sam can be contacted on 07446 233 437, at, or via the Let’s Play MK page

Press release by Nicola Hasted | Freelance Writer | 07976 612998 | | Twitter @nasted


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