What’s your beef, Upwork?

An open letter to Upwork.

Dear Upwork,

What is your beef with my profile?

I have been submitting, again and again, to try and get your approval. I have been a Social Media Manager, a Blogging Wizard and even an AWS Engineer. But each time the message from you is the same – there are too many people like me (even an Amazon Web Services Engineer, seriously?!). I have completed your exams and passed your tests and it has meant nothing to you.

I have taken my freelance career from scratch and turned it into a successful business. I have regular clients. I frequently gain repeat work and always receive high praise. I have even poached clients from your site (that’s how good I am at being a resourceful freelancer). But Upwork still thinks there are just too many people like me in the world.

Too many determined, hard-working, successful people…


A freelancer who gains work whether you like me or not.

Upwork freelance site writer profile rejection

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