Series on Workplace Wellbeing

Short History on Office Design

This is one of my favourite posts to work on to date.

I became a freelancer to escape the confines of an ordinary office job and here I am exploring the history of an ordinary office.

When were offices as we know them invented? Is the open-plan layout a modern concept? What is a modesty panel? It’s a fun subject that covers decades of design into one cubicle-sized bite. So read on and discover the history of office design.

Why do our brains like high ceilings?

Very interesting read on why our brains like high ceilings. But it doesn’t stop there as ceiling height affects how we work. So if you want free-thinking – go high! But productivity – go low. This blog post for Floresy looks at the relationship between ceiling height and how we work. And how you can make the most of that in your commercial interiors.

How a lack of privacy is killing productivity

Open-spaces should promote collaboration, right? Being in a social environment should encourage discussion, debate and the sharing of ideas that ultimately leads to great efficiency and productivity.  Except it doesn’t.

Find out how a scientific study has demonstrated the impact that open-plan workspaces are having on collaboration.

Why hotels should open their doors to remote workers

What is the ultimate workspace? It’s probably not an office with other people. Remote working is booming giving employees and freelancers the opportunity to choose where they work. And hotels could be increasing the daytime footfall by encouraging remote workers into their lobbies, lounges and restaurants.

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