Case Study: Increased visibility for a travel clinic

Problem: A travel clinic’s new service was going unnoticed

Dedham Pharmacy is a community pharmacist serving an area in North East Essex. It has a thriving travel clinic and their recent yellow fever vaccination accreditation is a great addition to their services.

But the new offering was going unnoticed.

Solution: A keyword-optimised blog post targetted at the local community

The blog post is optimised for Dedham’s local area of the county town of Colchester with its large population. It’s packed with useful information about the vaccine and answers common questions a consumer may have.

The pharmacy owner has reported that since the publication of this blog post, their travel clinic has been “inundated” with yellow vaccination inquiries.

… “inundated” with yellow vaccination inquiries…

And a bigger bonus still – not only does the blog post rank #1 on Google but it is also displayed as a featured snippet for increased visibility and authority:

The blog post is simple yet effective.

My skill is knowing what information to provide and being able to communicate it clearly. But also in how to present information that demonstrates to the reader and Google that this is a site with authority.

I’m an SEO Health Content Writer and I can help your healthcare business gain online visibility too.

If you run a community pharmacy, you need to let the locals know what services you provide. As pharmacy is ever-expanding, it’s hard for the public to keep up with what healthcare services a pharmacist can now offer. A blog is a great way of letting people know who you are, where you are and what you can do to help.

Through working with Pharmacy Mentor, I’m able to give a voice to those dedicated healthcare professionals who offer so much more than just a prescription service. If you’re interested in giving your pharmacy or clinic a voice, get in contact with me or contact Pharmacy Mentor today.

Published by Nicola Hasted

I’m an SEO health content writer who provides digital content marketing services to healthcare businesses. This means I help SMEs and start-ups, like you, with online marketing by adding valuable and helpful content to your websites and digital media.

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