Why being an introvert makes me a great freelance health writer

At the weekend, I was enjoying a conversion on LinkedIn about how to make great comments on other people’s posts in order to raise your own profile and engagement.

There was a reply to one of my comments where someone used the phrase “self-confessed” introvert to describe an LI colleague who had a successful following.

And it stopped me in my tracks.

Whilst the comment wasn’t directed at me (but instead at the person who have first highlighted their introverted nature), the undertone of the comment was that introverts were somehow “less than” and needed help from normal people.

To confess to something is to admit guilt and being an introvert isn’t something to feel guilty about. Being introverted is just one aspect of a character – it’s a personality type and not a personality disorder.

I am an introvert. But you wouldn’t think that watching me dance.

More specifically, I’m an INTP on the Myers-Briggs list of personality types. Captain Jean-Luc Picard is an INTP and so is Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes. And, if likening yourself to fictional characters is anything to go by, that means I’m awesome.

Introverts are characterised by:

  • Enjoying their own company
  • Working well on their own
  • Being good at listening and observing
  • Happy to not be the centre of attention
  • Prefer messaging to phone communication
  • Being really good freelance health writers

Extroverts are characterised by:

  • Thriving in social situations and easy to get to know
  • Taking inspiration from people around them
  • Great networkers team workers
  • Action-orientated
  • Happy to be the centre of attention
  • Loves to talk and communicate – whatever the medium

Why being an Introvert makes me a good health writer

My introversion (I), combined with the other personality traits of being intuitive (N), thinking (T) and perceiving (P) combine to give me a great set of writer skills:

I’m a natural researcher: some introverts are more bookish than me whereas I’m a #Googlegirl. My phone is my knowledge portal and if not researching a piece that I’m writing for a client, I’m reading up on a piece that someone may want me to write someday.

Benefit to you: your blog post will be well-informed.

I prefer non-verbal communication: I naturally tend towards email and text as my prefered method of communication. Don’t get me wrong – I’m great on the phone. Instead, I’ll update via a Slack channel or WhatsApp message.

Benefit to you: I won’t use up your valuable time with unnecessary conversations.

I thrive in isolation:  freelancing is my ultimate working style. I can snuggle up in front of my computer and just get on with things. No unnecessary chat or office politics to drain my energy.

Benefit to you: you get what you pay for

I don’t accept second-best: everything I do, I do to the best of my ability otherwise I simply won’t do it at all. An article has to be “just so” before I’m happy to hand it over to my clients.

Benefit to you: a high-quality blog post that fufills your brief

Why being an Introvert isn’t so great as a freelance writer

It wouldn’t be transparent if I didn’t raise the issues I face as an INTP

  • I’m easily distracted
  • Queen of procrastination
  • My humour isn’t for everyone
  • I enjoy finding mistakes in other people’s work
  • I tend to over-think and over-analyse

The upshot is that being an over-analysing, quality-driven introvert also makes me a problem solver. I know my weaknesses and either work with them or find ways for them to not hinder my success.

Being an Introverted Freelance Health Writer is awesome

Realistically, introversion and extroversion is a scale upon which we all sit. Each of us has varying amounts of introversion and extroversion. So my extroverted traits do occasionally thrust themselves into the limelight – such as when I dance.

Contact me today if you would like to find out what a great introvert I am.

How does your personality type help you in your job?

You can find out what your personality type is by taking a quiz such as this one from Personality Perfect.

Image of J-LP is from this post by Lady Geek Girl.

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