Freelance Writer Invoice Template – Free Download

The freelance writer invoice template is a simple and easy-to-use tool that will help speed up issuing an invoice plus give a smart and professional appearance.

You don’t need to know to be a spreadsheet wiz or be great at maths – the template can do that for you.

The template allows you to:

  • add your own logo
  • set your invoice payment terms and calculate due date
  • choose payment options
  • add jobs by fixed price or hourly rate
  • automatically calculate subtotals and total invoice amount

So, follow the instructions below on how to download your copy of the invoice template, and then read the quick how-to on using the template.

How to Download the Freelance Writer Invoice template

Download from a Desktop Instructions:

Access the freelance writer invoice template and a Google Sheets window will open. You’ll notice that the tabs are showing as locked. This means you won’t be able to edit the template unless you make a copy:

Freelance Writer Invoice Template Screenshot of tabs

From the File menu, select ‘Make a Copy’:

Freelance Writer Invoice Template how to make a copy

Give the freelance writer invoice template a new name and click on ‘OK’:

Freelance Writer Invoice Template rename document

Download from a Mobile Device via Google Sheets App:

Downloading from a mobile device is pretty much the same as from a desktop but some of the menus are different.

From the burger menu (represented by the three vertical dots) , select ‘Share & export’:

Freelance Writer Invoice Template how to copy a Google sheet from a mobile device.

Choose ‘Make a copy’ from the options. The app will automatically copy the template and give it the name ‘Copy of Freelance Writer Invoice Template’:

Freelance Writer Invoice Template mobile device Google sheets menu

To rename the spreadsheet, go to the burger menu and tap on the spreadsheet name. Type the new name for the spreadsheet and tap rename:

Freelance Writer Invoice Template rename a google sheets from a mobile device

How to use the Freelance Writer Invoice template

Included in the template is an ‘Example’ tab. This has a completed sample of how to enter information into the template. You can use this example as a reference or continue with these instructions.

Add your business information

Now, you’ve downloaded and made a copy of the invoice template, you will be able to customise it with your business information.

The template has space for you to enter the following information:

  • Business name and sub-heading
  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Business address
  • Business logo

To add the logo, select the <Logo> cell, then, from the ‘Insert’ menu, select ‘Image’ > ‘Image in cell’.

Freelance Writer Invoice Template insert image in cell for logo

The template will insert your business logo neatly into this cell and it should look something like this:

Freelance Writer Invoice Template with logo

Add your payment information

The template allows you to add up to three payment options. In the Example tab, the Payment Information includes a PayPal address plus a bank transfer option across two rows:

Freelance Writer Invoice Template payment information option 1

You may choose to combine these two rows to make space for a third option:

Freelance Writer Invoice Template payment information option 2

Once you’ve added your details, payment information and your logo, I recommend saving a version of this spreadsheet as your template. When you need to raise an invoice, make a copy of this customised template and then update it with your client’s information.

By always taking a copy from your template, rather than making a copy from the previous invoice you issued:

  • You’ll only need to update your information once
  • You won’t forget to update or remove information from that previous invoice – like your client’s name – and send them onto a different client.

Now when you copy your personalised template, you only need to update the information specific to a job.

Add your client’s information

Add the following information about your client:

  • Client name and company
  • email address for your contact
  • business address and other contact details

Add invoice details

The template allows you to add an invoice number of your choosing. You can combine letters and numbers or just start at 0001. Make sure you record the invoice numbers you are using, perhaps on your accounts spreadsheet, to make sure you don’t duplicate invoice numbers.

Add the date of the invoice and you’re ready to set the terms of payment.

Go to the ‘Data’ tab and insert the days until payment is due, aka the payment terms, into the box.

Freelance Writer Invoice Template add your payments terms

You can add any number from 0 to 90. If you enter 0, the payments terms will display as “Due on Receipt”.

In order for the Invoice Due Date to be properly calculated, make sure you have entered the Date of Invoice in a recognised date format.

Add job information

You can add up to 15 lines of jobs or items. Add a description for each, as per the Example tab.

The Rate can either be a fixed price item or your day or your hourly rate as a freelancer. Then use the Quantity column as the number of hours worked.

The freelance writer invoice template will automatically calculate a sub-total for each line.

The total invoice amount i.e. the sum of all the sub-totals will automatically be calculated at the bottom of the invoice. The invoice due date is also displayed at the bottom of the sheet.

There is also an Additional Information text box at the bottom of the invoice. You may wish to say ‘thank you’ or ‘FOA Jennifer’ or ‘Please note my new bank account details’ – totally up to you.

And you’re done!

The invoice is ready to send out to your clients as an email attachment. Personally, I would download the invoice as a PDF so I get to keep a soft copy separate to the Google Sheet version.

Let me know if you like the freelance writer invoice template!

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