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University wasn’t for me.

At least not at 18.  I was too young and it was too scary. I managed one day on an Astronomy course before I quit.

Instead, I got a job. I was lucky enough to land a Lab Tech job on my A-Level merits for Ortho-clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson company. We developed panels of blood tests for use with our fancy, automated blood-testing machine (complete with the 1990s version of a “touch” screen). And through my employer, I went back to university to study Biology on a day-release scheme and earned my HNC with merits and distinctions in all modules.

The irony is, it was the same university that I had previously quit.

Following my science career, I switched into IT and spent the next 10+ years working in software development. From release management and version control, actual coding (!) and finally project management, it’s sufficient to say that I have, indeed, got that t-shirt.

But then, in the blink of an eye, everything changed. The world, as I thought I knew it, changed for my husband and I. We had kids.

So I ditched the 9-5, the hum-drum rat-race and now I work as a freelance health writer. Writing about all the stuff I used to do…

I know what you’re thinking – why hasn’t my life been turned into a film?! I get that a lot and one day, maybe, it will. But for now, you can give me a Hollywood ending by hiring me for your next health writing project.

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