Want to engage with your readers? I write fun, informative articles with humour, warmth and positivity. Want more? I offer professionalism, good communication and on-time delivery. Still thirsty? I make the best cup of tea but it’s a shame you won’t be able to taste it ‘cos I’m a freelancer, baby!

Hi, my name is Nicola and, yes, I’m a freelance writer/stay-at-home Mum. I am interested in all types of content, especially online content. My work is about challenging the average person’s perception, to make change more accessible and inspiring them to action.

I have a personal interest blog aimed at the hobby dancer covering all aspects of attending classes, performances and product reviews. I also explore how dance can be used as a therapy.

Like many people, I have turned to freelancing to utilise my skills and years of experience to contribute to a flexible and fluid modern workplace whilst maintaining the work/life balance needed to look after a family.

I have run my own online craft businesses where I have gained experience in marketing via social media, SEO optimisation, writing product descriptions, marketing communications such as mailshots and newsletters and online selling sites like Etsy. Plus a great deal of knowledge about product photography!

Prior to this, I worked in IT for fifteen years primarily in software development for financial products. During this time, I worked in project management as an analyst looking at quality, governance and reporting. I have written customer documentation, release notes, IT manuals, how-to guides, project reports and management-information reports. I was even known to do the odd bit of coding in VBA.

My first career and formal education were in science, particularly biology and immunology. I worked at the then Johnson & Johnson Orthoclinicial Diagnostics as a lab technician working on the development of blood tests for an automated diagnostics machine. I had to work within strict guidelines not least of which were the safety protocols for handling blood specimens including those that were Hepatitis and HIV positive.

I’m also really good at sewing and dancing.

You can read about my dancing passion on my blog: The Dancer In Mind.