Trichotillomania: Publishing an article on Medium

What is Medium? Medium is a publishing platform that allows anyone to create an account and start writing. People can write about whatever moves them from opinion pieces, personal experiences and good old fashioned journalism. Medium differs from any typical "magazine" style site in that it's pages won't contain adverts. Only original pieces directly from [...]

Children’s Oral Health for MediaPharm

Post extract: "According to Public Health England: A quarter of 5-year-olds have tooth decay when they start school. A child with tooth decay will have an average of 3 to 4 affected teeth. The majority of tooth decay in children under 6 went untreated."   Read the full article here:

Case Study: Increased visibility for a travel clinic

Problem: A travel clinic's new service was going unnoticed Dedham Pharmacy is a community pharmacist serving an area in North East Essex. It has a thriving travel clinic and their recent yellow fever vaccination accreditation is a great addition to their services. But the new offering was going unnoticed. Solution: A keyword-optimised blog post targetted [...]