Tips for a healthy home-working environment

By becoming a freelancer we chase the dream of escaping the shackles of the typical 9-5 desk job only to discover the reality is that we have ended up with a non-typical 9-5 at a less than ideal desk. The freedom to work from wherever you want can quickly become having nowhere suitable to work. [...]

How to Deal with Tennis Elbow

BodyICE is a premier product aimed at improving recovery from injuries such as tennis elbow. I wrote this article looking at the causes and treatments available to sufferers of this condition which mostly affects people who don't play tennis... No byline on this one but you can read the full article here:

LinkedIn article about the ‘Coffee Cup Crisis’

A coffee cup tax was proposed to help combat the amount of plastic waste the UK would have to deal with following China's decision to no longer accept refuse from other countries. With the devastating effect that plastic pollution is having on our oceans at the forefront of our minds, will be able to change our [...]

The health benefits of dancing

It’s that time of year when we pick our post-Christmas, lardy selves up off the sofa and make those resolutions: like actually getting fit or losing weight. We ultimately fail at these goals because our focus is on the end result and not on how we get there. You could join a gym or a [...]