Terms of Service

My terms describe what I need from you, how I work and how I deliver the work. The terms also include the cooperation I expect and the payment conditions I expect.

Our Agreement

As my client, you agree:

  • To provide me with all the information I require to complete the project.
  • To pay according to the schedule we’ve agreed.
  • Provide feedback including any revision requests within agreed timescales.
  • All information and materials provided are legal and accurate.

Failure to do any of the above may result in the project missing deadlines, milestones or achieving the objectives for which I will not accountable.

As the writer, I agree:

  • To carry this service out in a professional manner.
  • To respect the confidentiality of any information you give me.

All projects include one 30 minute phone call if required. Any additional meetings or phone calls will be charged at my hourly rate. All other communication should be carried out over email or messaging services such as WhatsApp or LinkedIn Messenger.

How the work is delivered

I work in Google Docs and can provide content in the following file formats:

  • Shared Google Doc
  • Exported PDF
  • Exported DOCX
  • Or direct upload to WordPress website

Where images are included, the image file as either a PNG or JPEG will be used.

Where web page copy is included in the project, I may also provide a screenshot of your web page indicating where the copy should be placed. I do not do this for blog posts or articles.


Revisions are necessary aspects of writing and copywriting and are included as standard in all agreements as follows:

  • One revision per blog post or article
  • Additional changes will be charged by the hour at my hourly rate.
  • All requests for changes must be received with 10 working days of receiving the first draft.
  • If no communication has been received within 10 working days, then the writing content is considered signed-off.

Project scope

I reserve the right to re-cost the project should any aspect of the agreed scope change after the agreement has been made. It is likely that minor changes will not affect the overall price of the work but may affect the deadline, for example. The right to issue a renewed quote for changes to the project’s scope by you, the client, remains mine. Until the renewed quote has been accepted by you, all work by me will stop.

Changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Change in keywords, topic or word count.
  • Changes to the target audience or the technical level of the language.
  • Changes to the deadline or the file format of delivered work.

Copyright and other details

The copyright of all written or graphical content remains mine until full payment to all works has been received. Then, once full payment is received, the copyright will be automatically assigned to you.  

Unless non-disclosure agreements are involved, I reserve the right to share the written or graphical content for the purposes of marketing my business. This includes social shares across various social networking sites that will, in turn, promote your business. I may also include the project as an entry on my website’s blog.

I also reserve the right to use your company’s logo on my website and social networking sites for the purposes of marketing. Again, this also benefits you.


My minimum fee is £59.

For urgent or rush jobs, I add an extra 25% on top of my package prices and my minimum fee.

My standard payment terms are as follows:

  • A 50% deposit is required on all projects over £50.
  • Payment is due within 10 days of an invoice being issued.
  • Payment can be made via a Bank Transfer, PayPal or Stripe.

Cancelling a retainer contract

To cancel a retainer contract, please provide one full month’s notice, and I’ll provide that last month of work.

If I cancel our contract, I’ll provide one full month’s notice. I’ll also complete that final month of work, providing I have been paid in full.

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