The most important thing about article writing is the headline

It has to grab your attention, make you click on it and read more.

After your reader has clicked on an article, they need to quickly engage with the content. Sometimes this is done by telling that person what they want to know. Sometimes its by telling a story to the people reading.  But each sentence has to earn its place. The content needs to speak directly to your customer avatar. It needs to discuss their pain points, their frustrations. And mostly using short sentences.

Breaks in paragraphs work well too.

You need to get your message across and deliver top class content, not just waffle. Offer your advice freely and with generosity. Make the article useful. Valuable. Invaluable!

Add more sub headings

To help people scan the page to find the information they’re after. Like the answer to the posed question or what exactly is that one weird tip that will destroy belly fat (there is no such tip, by the way).

Articles, especially blogs posts, have an informal language and often ignore some grammatical etiquette. It all depends who the target audience is. My natural style is conversational, friendly and warm. It helps me softly deliver a helpful message without seeming pushy or boring. I can write in short form of up to 800 words. Or the trending long-format, deep dive articles between 2000 and 3000 words.

You can contact me using this form and we can discuss what is right for you.

And always add a call to action.

Examples of Articles and Blog Posts

Here’s an article I wrote for bodyICE about how their customers can treat lateral epicondylitis (aka tennis elbow) using one of their recovery ice packs.

Or perhaps the vitality important health benefits of eating dark chocolate written as part of a series for artisan confectioners. So Sweet.

You can find more examples of the blog posts and articles I have written on my portfolio page.